Talking Animals



Greetings, Earthling.

Derekh Froude and Michael Kaufman met over 10 years ago working at a boutique motion graphics company where they bonded over girl problems. Their shared sense of humor, love of movies and animation, and taste for martinis have resulted in several different projects, from an animated pilot for Nickelodeon to imitating the perfect Chewbacca call. They look forward to sharing these, and more, with you.

Derekh Froude – Creator and Executive Producer

Derekh Froude is an award-winning Associate Creative Director and Copywriter based in New York. Over the past ten years he’s worked in both New York and San Francisco developing global campaigns for brands such as Adobe and Hugo Boss.

Michael Kaufman – Creator and Executive Producer

Michael is the Line Producer for Nickelodeon’s Emmy Award winning pre-school show, Bubble Guppies and the upcoming animated series Butterbean's Café. Based in New York, he has worked in Animation, Puppetry, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Design as a Producer, Writer, Casting Director, VO Director and Puppeteer.





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